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SchoolPlannerBook online homework and reporting system
a quick and easy way for schools to display their homework online and create reports of homework set.

School Planner Book is an established online service which allows you to simply and effectively deliver your homework assignments online to students and parents.

Your school has its own attractive and personalised area on the system. Staff input assignments, via a secure portal, directly into your area and these are instantly available to both students and parents from anywhere with internet access. The interface itself is smart and is designed to be used from any device or screensize - smartphone, tablet or computer.

Staff benefits

  • simple, logical interface ensures attractive and effective delivery
  • improves parental engagement
  • safe and secure - staff upload assignments via a secure password protected portal
  • includes management reports on homework set.

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Parents and students

  • see my personal homework or use search filters for specific searches
  • accessible anywhere with internet access
  • see homework from any device - smartphone, tablet or computers
  • smart and attractive interface is very easy to use
  • meets Accessibility Guidelines for all users

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  • minimal administration
  • safe and secure
  • no personal details for students necessary so no associated data protection issues
  • no hosting worries - just one low annual subscription
  • simple and logical to use - no training issues for users

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  • produce a report tailored to needs within seconds. You want to look at French for year 8 or all work set by a particular teacher - no problem!
  • additional management reports on homework set
  • additional usage reports.

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