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Reporting is important both to teachers, for effortless record keeping, as well as to staff such as Year or Subject Heads for information and management of their teams.

Our system allows both teachers and management to produce the report they require within seconds.

Simple and configurable reporting

  • The service includes different types of reports available to administrators and teachers. The school can decide for themselves which staff can hold administrator status.
  • Administrators and teachers can download the results of any homework search in CSV format for use in Excel or similar. This allows schools to hone their own reports - if they want to see all of Year 8's assignments, or all French homework, or indeed all work set by a particular teacher - they can tailor the specific report they need.
  • Administrators can report on homework by year, by teacher and/or by subject within a given range of dates.
  • A usage report for administrators shows levels of access both by staff logged in or by others. This provides an effective indication of how much the site is being used by either staff or pupils and parents.
  • A separate homework set summary reports for administrators provide numbers of homeworks set by month by individual teachers or by year.
  • The system is under constant development and other reports can be included as necessary. We are always open to a school's suggestion of a particular format of report that they feel could be useful.