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Staff input assignments, via a secure portal, directly into the school area and these are instantly available to both students and parents from anywhere with internet access.

The interface itself is smart and is designed to be used from any device or screensize - smartphone, tablet or computer. Students can display their personal homework only, just by entering their school email address.

Benefits for Staff

  • Improves communication between school, parents and students, without placing extra work burdens on staff - in fact this system can save staff time!
  • Attach accompanying documents and links.
  • See homework previously set, or enter homework live, in class on whiteboards - the database is instantly updated. You can attach accompanying documents and links.
  • Homework is entered directly via the secure password protected staff input side - the system is simple and logical to use.
  • Spellings and details are delivered correctly - no need to rely on the accuracy of students copying notes.
  • Each teacher has their own personal listing under "my homework" which displays all their current assignments on the system and allows any to be edited. Each assignment can also be displayed individually, to use in the classroom on a whiteboard whilst discussing the details with the class.
  • Any individual assignment can be duplicated which displays the original piece in edit mode, so that just the set or due date could be changed for multiple groups.
  • The system is accessible to all users and will allow inclusion of those who are unable to attend school.