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The interface is smart and is designed to be used from any device or screensize - smartphone, tablet or computer. They can pick up homework anywhere and from any device and it will still be easy to read and use! Students can display their personal homework only, just by entering their school email address.

Benefits for students and parents

  • Both schools and parents are fully aware that the first step towards engaging parents lies in providing information which enables them to understand the school's expectations of students. At the simplest level, being able to see when an assignment is due for submission allows for a whole new level of parent engagement
  • Students and parents can access details of assignments anywhere with internet access and filter the homework they wish to see.
  • Either enter the student school email address and the system will return that student's personal homework or use the search filters for specific searches.
  • NO pupil details are held on the system so there are no data protection issues or worries over pupil personal information, or need for passwords. Learners and parents simply search a database of homework assignments.
  • Spellings and details are delivered correctly - no need to rely on the accuracy of students copying notes.
  • Accessibility is important to us - the system is accessible to users with disabilities.